Get your health back

“Your food is your medicine and your medicine is your food”

From a technical point of view, nutrition is neither enjoyment, nor taste. Eating is only serving the purpose of keeping physical functions going; We forget the following: each organ, each cell of our body needs certain nutrients; without proper intake of these macro and micro elements, we get imbalanced. Most diseases have the solution in completely changing the eating habits. It is an essential step and I invite you to do it together. It’s not easy, but it will restore your confidence, reset for life and your health.

I will not promise you minimal effort! But I promise you all my support and dedication, a partnership, my understanding and a profound change of your health issues! We will always achieve the desired results, you will quickly notice the improvements of your health, with a balanced, tasty, healthy diet alone.

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Diabetes 2

But there is a way back.

Diet is essential in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. With what you eat day in and day out, you can play a key role in avoiding blood sugar spikes after eating and improving your values in the long term. Insulin resistance can be improved or cured with a healthy diet and especially in combination with sufficient exercise. No prohibitions: People with diabetes can actually eat everything (it is important to understand the dynamics). I had clients who had been injecting insulin for over 11 years … after 6 months, all values were like healthy people. Our goal is to normalize the long-term blood sugar level HbA1c, as well as blood pressure and blood lipid levels to prevent long-term damage. A special training plan is also important is ording to support the improvement of you health.

Believe me: There is a way out!



Here we will have an initial conversation, where we will discuss the current bio and motoric status of your health. On this basis we can further decide the nutrition and training needs.

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Goals and planning

Together with the results of the medical history and objective, we will discuss the planning of our trip. This includes the selection of suitable diet changes, training content or training methods and the planning of the time cycles.
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Get to work

Here I will instruct you on your nutrition and training plans and from now on you are strictly under my control.

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