When it comes to losing weight, the mind is as important as the body. I am there to tickle your own motivation to drive you forward! You can’t eat well and exercise well if your mind isn’t in it. I’m not just a weight loss coach, I’m a health coach to give you wellness tools for life.

I am here as your soundboard, trainer, and cheerleader to help you break old minds and build new habits that should last. My recommendation for you: Invest in your body and your mind will thank you

One to one care

This is about an intensive, safe, healthy but quick loss of superfluous kilos. Do you want to burn body fat – because your pants are too tight, your T-shirt is tense or you want to make your muscles more visible?
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Personalized plans: Kabo app (soon available)

The package I am creating here contains a personalized diet and exercise plan that I will create based on your information, plus a one-time weekly support from me. The payment is one-off,
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A fit, healthy body needs real food and a real trainer

A toned body primarily needs real food and a real trainer. As a nutritionist, I offer you insider know-how through years of dieting as a competitive athlete. From my own experience and from the experience with my customers, I have learned that motivation and sustainability play the most important role in a diet.

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Sport only is not a solution

for successful weight loss!

A trainer is not a fuss, it is a must when it comes to healthy and correct handling of your body. All competitive athletes have a trainer because he is the one who gets the best out of your performance.

My career taught me: you are the strongest when you are under the guidance of a trainer.

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