My athletic career has shown me that the most important factor for training is the mindset, which means that in our first training sessions, I will monitor and analyze your “relation” towards training in order to find the best mental approach for you.

Keep this in mind: the mental resilience, the mental preparation and the mental training are the missing link to achieve the best physical performance

I will function as your reminder for your goals

I will be there to support your vision and efforts to get the body you want..

Personal training process

Get ready …

My fitness programs begin with a physical assessment to determine your basic strength and to identify your body type, muscle imbalances and your profile


Then we decide on a training plan that is tailored for your body and is aimed for the specific goals you want to achieve. I will constantly evaluate your progress in order to ensure that you are on the right track or if your plans need to be adjusted.


My support doesn’t end at the end of your session either. I’m always available on KaboFit App or WhatsApp to help whenever you need this extra support or motivation.

You are never left alone!


In order to get the desired shape of your body, we will work your muscles efficiently and constantly. But we won’t always work them the same way. My program combines fitness programms with various nutritional programs to build core strength, rationalize your body and help you use your amazing strength in everyday life.

In a first personal consultation, which of course is free for you, I will explain which training package makes the most sense for you. From my own experience with clients, I recommend that you complete the personal training with me for at least 3 to 6 months. In order to lose weight in a targeted and long-term manner and get fit as well, patience, efficient training and a good balanced diet are essential. Why do I recommend a personal training of at least 3 to 6 months? Simple: so that we can see some results!


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Since the wishes and goals are very different and individually designed, these price packages are rather a first orientation.
Of course, before each work, everything is discussed thoroughly and adjusted based on an offer.



  • Free initial consultation (30-60 min.)
  • Discussion of the current status
  • Medical history
  • Health check-up
  • Preparation of the training session
  • Individual training support
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Training adjustment and optimization of the training plans
  • Permanent analysis of progress
  • Nutrition package
  • Constant support via SMS / WhatsApp / KaboFit app


Per Month

2 Consultation sessions
10 training units
Individual training program
Individual nutrition plan
Ongoing support


Per Month

5 Consultation sessions
20 training units
Individual training program
Individual nutritional plan
Payment in installments possible


Per Month

8 Consultation sessions
55 training units
Individual training program
Individual Nutrition plan
Payment in installments possible

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